The Lazy Girls (and Guys) Guide to a 30 Minute Meal Prep!

So I’m a big believer in meal prep and you hear me talk about it all the time, but I think everyone thinks it’s very time consuming and they don’t know where to start. Here is the simplest meal prep ever and how to make 5 balanced healthy meals in no time flat. (This is specifically for the laziest of people who don’t mind eating basically the same meal 4-5 days in a row.. ex: ME!)

These are my KEY meal prep tips to setting yourself up for a healthy week in 30 MINUTES OR LESS. (That is half an episode of Orange is the New Black. You can even watch OITNB while you do it. You’re welcome).

Hit the Grocery Store! I know you are lazy and you don’t feel like it but this is a non-negotiable step. Pick up:
-4-5 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (Not frozen- nobody has time to wait those to thaw)
-Broccoli or any other “green” steam-able veggie like asparagus, green beans, etc.
-Brown Minute Rice. Yes. Minute Rice. Takes 90 Seconds for the ultimate lazy girl to get her complex carbs in.
-Ziploc Zip & Steam Bags. THIS IS THE HEALTHY LAZY GIRLS DREAM. Steam Chicken, potatoes, vegetables, spaghetti squash, basically anything- all in the microwave and all under 7 minutes? YES. THANK YOU ZIPLOC. No dishes, no problems.
-Apples. Eat your fruit without having to cut it up. Bonus.

Then you are going to come home and set your timer for 30 minutes. You are going to have 5 dinners or lunches ready in the 30 minutes. Get excited.
-Preheat Oven to 425 (better do this before you set your 30 minute timer. I’m not a miracle worker)
-Lay your chicken on a pan, brush with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Boring? Probably. Fast and Efficient? Yes.
-Cook in oven for 22 minutes. Bam. Protein done!

While your chicken is cooking in the oven you are going to put your minute rice in the microwave for 90 seconds. Complex carbs done!

Then fill your zip and steam bag with broccoli. Microwave for 3:30 minutes. Veggies, done!
-If you are feeling a little less lazy that usual today; you can also sautee a bunch of mushrooms/spinach/onions/peppers/ etc on the stove for about 5 minutes on medium heat. More veggies the better!

Take 5 Ziploc Containers (I swear Ziploc doesn’t sponsor me) or any to go container will do.

-Chicken is now done, place 1 chicken breast in each container, divide up your brown rice between the containers, same with veggies. Throw some low sodium soy sauce on there for flavour.

CONGRATULATIONS you made 5 meals in less than 30 minutes!

Whew. Go take a nap.

Once you are feeling refreshed from your nap or maybe you are on a roll and really liking this meal prep thing, here are some other tips for you:

Try this super quick protein ball recipe to make 16 balls in 5 minutes flat. And they taste delicious; 1-2 of these is the perfect snack!
-Cut up a lemon. I add it to my water, and hot water to make a slightly more exciting drink. Much more likely to use it when it’s already sliced for you!
-Freeze banana’s for smoothies, or banana ice cream desserts 🙂
-Hard boil some eggs for portable snacks (I never do this, too lazy, can’t lie)
-Slice up a bunch of veggies (peppers are my favourite) for a quick and easy snack with hummus. (Nobody wants to eat veggies when you have to slice them first, lets be honest)
-Get really fancy and make a dessert for the week like some healthy brownies:
-Cook come quinoa for the week if you wanna be less lazy and more healthy than the brown rice! Store in fridge and add to salads, wraps, whatever you desire.

Hope this helps all my lazy people out there! 🙂