How to get past a setback!

We all have those times where everything is humming along just fine in life- you’re getting most of your workouts in, eating pretty healthy, feeling good and then BAM! Something completely throws you for a loop and you find yourself wondering how you’ll ever get back there again.

I’ve had a bit of experience with this, especially over the last few weeks! Started with a dislocated shoulder, and led to re-injuring my back- with a wisdom tooth infection along the way (they come in threes right?? This is it I hope..) I’ve spent the vast majority of the past week in bed taking copious amounts of narcotics and feeling like a groggy, miserable mess.

So I thought it might be appropriate to do a blog post on getting past these set backs to help me, and to also help you.
First of all…

1.) Accept help! I did NOT want really anyone to help me, but thank god my Dad showed up and ended up having to take me to emergency. I’ve been refusing offers of anyone coming over, but when an awesome friend/client showed up with quest bars, chocolate, and wine- it really made my entire day and took my mind off everything. I’ve learned its okay to let people help you out – and even if you want to be alone in your misery- try to push past that feeling and let people in to cheer you up.

2.) Focus on the positives. There is always a positive even though it may be hard to see at the time. This time holed up in bed allowed me to catch up on much needed sleep, and write lots of my book that I’ve been craving the time to write. It’s not ideal- but I know that everything happens for a reason and these few days off work will not kill me (although I’m scared of losing all my clients and never working again.. please don’t leave me!)

3.) Don’t push yourself. It’s hard to not want to get right back into everything right away. I’ve accepted that I probably won’t be working out for awhile and that’s okay. Instead I’m throwing my energy in cooking delicious meals and discovering new recipes! I have a vegetarian friend coming to visit this weekend, so I’ve picked out 4 new vegan recipes that I’m excited to experiment with. I’m not going to rush myself back into a workout schedule because I know it will only set me back more in the long haul!

4.) Use this time for self discovery, reading, getting inspired, meditating… instead of zoning out on Netflix. I know it’s so easy to use an injury as an excuse to binge on Netflix (which I’ve definitely done.. I am human after all) but yesterday when I focussed instead on reading, writing, working on my “Bad Ass” course and refocussing on all my goals- I knew this little setback won’t hold me back. I found some awesome meditations on healing which I’m practicing as much as I can. Your mind is EVERYTHING and especially when healing from an injury you want to stay as positive as possible!

5.) Drink lots of water and eat good food. Thank god I meal prepped before this happened so I’ve had plenty of nourishing delicious meals at my disposal to enjoy. It can be easier to dig into a pint of ice-cream to drown your sorrows (and I definitely would have given into the wine if it weren’t for the painkillers I’m on) but by keeping my choices as nutritious as I can I’m keeping myself healthier and happier and more positive in the long run. (I had chocolate too.. obviously).

6.) Savour this time you have to focus purely on yourself without guilt. Its okay to be sad and mad and upset that this happened to you, but let it go. There’s not point dwelling on what happened previously and the only time you have is now. On that note, I am going to keep working on my book so I can deliver it you guys as soon as possible because I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED ABOUT IT!

Keep on loving yourself and doing the best you can!