But if I don’t have any rules I won’t stop eating!

0Z6A5666.jpgTHIS topic is near and dear to my heart and I keep seeing it pop up in conversation with clients, or on instagram or basically anywhere that diet culture is prevalent (ie: everywhere).

It’s a common misconception that after years of dieting, rules, and restrictions we are unable to trust our own bodies. You are bombarded by magazine articles telling you how to ignore cravings (as if cravings are this terrible thing- when it’s actually your body telling you what it needs!) how to get through hunger pangs, how to eat less, how to ignore every one of your bodies natural signals… You catch my drift.

You think that if you don’t have rules or guidelines of what to eat in place, you will go completely off the rails and eat every Oreo and piece of cheesecake in sight.

I understand that this may have happened to you in the past and caused you to mistrust your bodies natural signals and cravings. The reason this happened- is because you were still stuck in the dieting mindset. You were eating those foods out of major carb cravings due to that low carb diet, or stuffing it down to get it out of the house because the diet starts “tomorrow”. You were eating those foods with a side of guilt and shame which only leads to more deprivation. You felt out of control because you weren’t actually giving yourself real, unconditional permission to eat those foods.

I know this because I’ve been there!  I’ve been at the restaurant literally SITTING on my hands trying not to eat the french fries off my boyfriends plate (because I would NEVER order my own fries of course) mouth watering, unable to focus on anything else but those delicious crispy fries. Then, once I couldn’t take it anymore I’d reach over and over and over again until all of those fries were gone because I was unable to stop myself. I felt completely out of control. So of course, the answer to that is to eliminate fries forever because I can’t control myself around them right?


Guess what happened when I FINALLY gave my body what it wanted? When I started ordering the burger and fries whenever I felt like it? When I taught my brain those foods would always be allowed, when I didn’t sit there in guilt and shame over some ice-cream?

I stopped fighting with myself! I no longer felt out of control around these foods because they would always be there. I can now comfortably sit in front of a whole plate of fries- eat one or two and be good to go! I don’t need to sit on my hands- I can actually focus on the person across from me because the french fries no longer have a pull on me. I don’t need to eat the whole plate and then diet again tomorrow. I can take them home for later if I wanted!

This was REVOLUTIONARY for me in my recovery from dieting and just learning to eat like a normal person. When people tell me that they cannot allow certain foods in their home or ever eat them again- I know they still definitely have some dieting mentality going on, and mistrust with their bodies. You CAN learn to trust your body again and feel totally normal around food. If I can do it, anyone can- because I’ve had a seriously fucked up relationship with food most of my life.

My biggest goal right now is to help women feel NORMAL around food. No hand sitting, no fighting with themselves over dessert, no more overthinking everything that goes into their mouths. What if your life wasn’t about food, or weight or dieting anymore- what AMAZING things could you accomplish with all that extra brain space?

I encourage you to think about if you are still living in this dieting headspace. Is there still foods you don’t trust yourself around? Maybe instead of eliminating it, you need to add it in! I know this can seem crazy- but do you want to live the rest of your life avoiding and fighting with yourself over food? You’ve wasted enough time- find food freedom!

Obviously this isn’t an overnight process, and there are going to be slip ups! You are going to overeat. You are going to feel out of control- you can’t change those brain pathways in one meal. But the more you can show your body and brain that all foods are good foods- the more you will feel relaxed, happier and totally normal around the chocolate… Ya feel me?

Questions, blog post requests or anything else- let me know!

Check out my free Ebook: Summer Strong 21 Day Challenge for more information, mindset hacks and recipes that will help you get out of the dieting mentality.



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