Ditch the Scale & Practice Body Acceptance Instead

I train SO MANY BEAUTIFUL, SMART, INTELLIGENT, AMAZING women who insist on continuing to measure their self worth by the scale. It makes me want to rip my hair out and go over to their houses and smash their scales once and for all!

I understand the attachment to the scale, TRUST ME. I’ve so been there. Taking off all my clothes every morning, making sure to pee first; don’t you dare have a sip of water or take a vitamin! Don’t forget to take off earrings and hair elastic! Oh, and stand on the scale a certain way with my weight in my heels because that somehow seems to make the number smaller. Do you hear how ridiculous this sounds? This was my reality everyday, and sometimes twice a day, because if I did a sweaty workout I would probably lose some water weight- yippee!  I was so attached to the number. Regardless if I woke up feeling energized, happy, leaner in the mirror and proud of my appearance- if I stepped on the scale and god forbid the number went up even 1/2 a pound it would send me into a state of panic. What if I ate too much yesterday? I shouldn’t have had that bite of cheesecake! Why didn’t I push myself harder in the gym? Why didn’t the number go down? I can’t keep this up! I’m so tired- this number should be going down!

YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT’S ACTUALLY OCCURRING IN YOUR BODY. I know everyone knows the whole “Muscle weighs more than Fat” saying but I think a picture is worth a whole lot more. So here are a bunch of pictures demonstrating that you can get leaner, smaller, fitter, faster- WHILE GAINING WEIGHT, staying the same, or losing only 1-2lbs. Imagine if these ladies stepped on the scale everyday and just saw the number go up? I bet they would have given up instantly and not be in the amazing shape they are today. You can find all these amazing women on instagram and try searching the #screwthescale hashtag to see more of these amazing results!

Now that you’ve seen that you can see results without the scale budging or going on an upward trend – I want you to take it even further.

Start practicing body acceptance. 

This is so hard for so many women. You feel that if you accept your body in the state it’s in right now then you have to give up on all those dreams of hitting that number you’ve always wanted, or the body shape you’ve always aspired to. This is untrue. Just because you are accepting your body in its current state and loving it as much as possible, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to still work towards better fitness and health. Instead of focussing on changing your body- I challenge you to love and accept it today. Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love your tummy, or your curves, or that body part that you’ve always wanted to change. Because this is you RIGHT NOW. All you have is this moment. Stop waiting for a year from now to wear a bikini, dance around naked, be confident in front of your parter. The only time you have is now- so it’s time to start loving and accepting your body TODAY. The more you can practice body acceptance- the happier and more confident you will feel- trust me!

Think about why you want to lose weight. So you can feel more confident, happy, outgoing, look better in clothes? These are ALL things that you don’t need to lose weight to achieve. You need to change your mindset. You can become more sexy and happy and confident in your skin without losing a single pound. I absolutely guarantee you’ll also find longer lasting happiness and health by changing your mindset to a one of body acceptance than one of withholding on life until you look a certain way. When you lose the weight- you won’t magically become more confident or happy. It all happens up in your head. I cannot express this enough. When I started LOVING my body everything changed for me. I’m now the same weight I was years ago- but so happy and grateful for this body- whereas years ago I was miserable, hating myself, and punishing myself with exercise and food restriction. All for the exact same weight! I wasted years of my life hating my body and I can’t stand any one else experiencing this.

Start living everyday like you are in the body of your dreams. Because this is your body, and it’s done so much for you. Love it and appreciate it everyday. Please don’t wake up when you’re 90 and look back on life and think about all the things you didn’t do because you didn’t feel confident enough, thin enough, good enough. Your body is a vessel that can do anything it sets its mind to- and that’s the key. Change your mind and change your life! 


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