Update on the Sugar Detox!

I’ve had quite a few people checking in with me on my “No Sugar” Challenge and wondering how it’s going..

Well, I started last Monday and on Day 2 I ate all the sugar. BUT I learned from that mistake (checking in with emotions, throwing out the junk food in the house) and now I’m firmly on Day 6 and feeling amazing!! I have so much more energy than I usually do- I was bouncing off the walls even after waking up at 4:45 this morning!

I feel like my skin is clearer, my energy is more sustained and my mood is better. All positives!  I am going to continue on with this no-sugar challenge for the rest of October, and ALSO aiming for less than 2 glasses of wine per week. This is a lot stricter than I normally am, and specifically because I have a fitness photo shoot booked for the beginning of November. I want to continue to perform my best in my business, life and fitness- I know that alcohol and sugar do not bring me closer to my goals, and I can live without them for a bit. Once I’m done you better believe I’ve celebrate with some ice-cream and wine!

How are you guys feeling without sugar? Are you noticing some positive benefits? One thing that is KEY is meal prepping delicious satisfying meals and ensuring you aren’t depriving yourself of calories so that you have tons of energy and feel happy and satisfied!

I hope this can convince a few people to try out the No Sugar Challenge. Oh, and I admit I haven’t been perfect! A few days last week I had some whole wheat bread with breakfast that had some sugar in it, I drank 2 glasses of wine over the week, and enjoyed 3 slices of pizza when I was out on Saturday night that probably had sugar in the bread and or the sauce. But, I feel amazing so I am just going to keep doing the best I can and aim for progress, not perfection!






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