The Great Sugar Detox

I have to admit something to do you all… I am addicted to sugar!
I love eating healthy but I also LOVE chocolate, desserts, ice-cream, and anything and everything that will give me a little sugar high when I’m feeling down. I’m much better at not binge eating these days, but it still happens.
In the last 2 weeks I’ve eaten 6 litres of ice-cream (yes, 6) an entire box of 50 halloween candies, 3 bags of chocolate chips, a bottle of maple syrup, chocolate macaroons, and various other treats like a blizzard from DQ, desserts out a restaurants and nanaimo bars from bakeries. You know what’s crazy is I didn’t realize how bad it was until I wrote that all out and I feel pretty disgusted with myself. I am tempted to delete that 6L of ice-cream so that I don’t have to admit it to myself or any of you that I truly am not always the epitome of health.
Yes, I love to meal prep and workout and I am at a healthy weight, but I still struggle with binge eating to soothe myself when the going gets tough. I want to be completely REAL with all of you because people can look so perfect from the outside- but everyone struggles. I am always working hard to improve myself but when a binge happens- it REALLY happens as you can tell from above. 
I’m working hard to reduce binge eating by ensuring I am journalling daily, going to counselling weekly, and trying to reduce stress in my life by knowing that I am enough right now. Just please know that even fitness “experts” and nutritionists can struggle with sugar addiction and it’s certainly not easy to reduce or eliminate your intake!

That is why I am going on a sugar “detox” this week. 7 days of eliminating sugar from my diet.
I would like to preface this whole post by reminding you all that I whole heartedly believe in intuitive eating and allowing yourself all foods; so it seems contrary to attempt to eliminate sugar from my diet. I thought about this long and hard this morning and this is why I feel like it’s a good idea for myself personally.
-When I’m really struggling with binge eating- I get into a cycle where it’s all too easy for me to ignore my feelings and binge eat instead of examine what’s really going on in my head. When I’m always allowing myself that ice-cream when I want it and eating any treat that looks good- I tend to easily let those feelings get pushed down and reassure myself that I’m “intuitively eating”. Although intuitive eating is great- it has to go hand in hand with self-awareness. I find when I make a goal to actually eliminate sugar from my diet I am forced to examine my thoughts and feelings when I’m craving it instead of just giving in right away. This allows me to really get to the bottom of whats bothering me in a much more helpful way than masking it with sugar.
-My energy has been lacklustre and I’ve been unmotivated to cook and instead grabbing crappy items on the go. I know within a few days I’ll feel lighter, more focussed and clear headed and this is so important to me and my productivity. When truly eliminating sugar and processed foods- you are forced to get creative in the kitchen and put effort into what you are putting in your body which is always a great thing!
-Lastly, sugar is addictive. The more I have it around the house and eat some everyday the harder it gets to skip a day. I’m always reaching for something sweet and delicious when I’m feeling tired (which only perpetuates the tired cycle). The more sugar you consume, the more you NEED to get that same “high”.
I think that by taking a week break to stop the cycle, detox from my sugar addiction, and focus on what my body and mind truly needs- I’ll be ready to go back to intuitive eating in a week and enjoy some dark chocolate instead of a litre of ice-cream and feel the same satisfaction.

What do you guys think? Want to join on the sugar detox with me? I will be posting my daily struggles, journey and everything I eat this week on my instagram “snap” story so follow me there @trainingbytarabrunet! Now, time to throw out all the sugar in my house, eek!

Love you all and thanks for the support (and sorry to my boyfriend if I’m a cranky bitch this week haha).



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