Weekly Recipe Round Up!

I just did a ridiculous amount of meal prep that I am quite stoked on so I have to share it all with you wonderful readers!

This was definitely longer than my typical meal prep (closer to 2 hours of cooking/prepping etc) but I made 18 meals and a batch of “treat” items for my sweet tooth. Can’t really go wrong! I spent 100$ on groceries so  that money is definitely going far!

I started with Zoodles & Squoodles Pizza Casserole:
-PaleOMG seriously never lets me down with her recipes- always delicious and using lots of whole foods. I divided this recipe into 4 servings and had one for lunch topped with avocado and it was so delicious! And it was super quick and easy.

Then I threw in a crockpot recipe.. A slow cooker Mexican Casserole:
-This one is still cooking away so I haven’t tried it yet, but for simplicity alone I already think it’s great!

Made a Chicken Pesto Egg Bake:
I looooove my egg bakes. I find them so satisfying and filling- the perfect breakfast to start my day when I don’t have time to cook up eggs!

I’ve posted about these little treats before- Apple Coconut Treats:
They take 5 minutes and they are the perfect amount of sweetness without any sugars of sweeteners. Plus they are satisfying due to the high (good!) fat content.

Then I kept it simple because I really wanted to up my veggies this week:
I roasted 5 heads of broccoli, a few handfuls brussel sprouts, then sauteed a ton of mushrooms and kale. I paired all these veggies with baked chicken thighs and a sweet potato sliced up and roasted. I put that into 5 different meals and topped them all with come coconut amino’s for extra flavour. I loooove my simplyechicken, roasted veggies and sweet potato. It’s one of those meals I never really get sick of!

All in all I will probably freeze a bunch of these meals and be set for the next 2 weeks or so which really puts my mind at ease. I bought some blueberries, apples, almonds and quest bars for snacks in between meals when I need it- but I find when I’m enjoying 3 really satisfying high protein and high fat meals I typically feel pretty great!

I hope this helps give you guys some ideas- just start with cooking one thing and maybe you’ll be inspired to keep going and be ready for an entire week or two! I think Meal prep is one of the number ones keys to success if you want to see results- Nutrition is SO IMPORTANT. You can’t work out and be productive when you are feeding yourself shitty food. Getting it all out of the way at once eliminates any guesswork, saves you money (pre-planning groceries exactly), and ensures you never have to reach for something unhealthy in a pinch.

Have a great Monday!!




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