I’ve put together this compilation of photos for my 12 Week Challengers. As they meet me for their one month check ins, they seem to shocked that they are losing inches and the scale is barely moving. I want everyone to STOP stepping on the scale, and start taking progress photo’s to see how you are doing! Pay attention to how your clothes fit, how much energy you have, how amazing you feel- THESE are the things that are going to make your journey to your goals more enjoyable. Seriously put the scale away for good! If all these women just stepped on the scale everyday- they would end up discouraged and quit. It takes time, consistent workouts, and good nutrition and you will see results!
Please note my own transformation in there 😉

jenn-comparison-pics-714x1024image (4)imagesbefore-and-after-5-e13699223833671970554_10202256410509115_1954330884_nbefore-after-macrosfat-vs-muscle155-lbs-before-and-aftermusclesecuredownloadWeight2c1ad500bd67b4466675b6ba2e385e1e2f9c474af3902b27b53cb25abc7a8bc5imagesjanineprogress
2015-04-29 10.36.11


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