Weekly Meal Prep & Recipes.

I’m going to start doing a weekly meal prep blog post because I’ve been getting super into cooking, and meal prepping 1-2x a week and always experimenting with new recipes!

The last meal prep I made was definitely a winner, and took less than an hour- here is what I made!

First I threw a pork shoulder in the crockpot and made some pulled pork to go with this:
Slow Cooker Chipotle Pork with Pineapple Coleslaw

While that was roasting away for 8 hours, I whipped up the coleslaw and stored it in the fridge.

Then I made some Salmon Balls for snacks (great name I know). You’ll find the recipe here:

Very simple, quick and easy snack option with omega-3’s and tastes great with avocado.

Made some citrus roasted herb chicken thighs (seriously.. I love chicken thighs. With skin. THEY ARE SO GOOD. I’ll never go back to chicken breasts).

While those were roasting away I also chopped up broccoli, dressed it in olive oil, pink sea salt and pepper and roasted it on a pan with it until it was crispy and delicious. And then proceeded to eat the entire batch in one day (3 heads of broccoli). Broccoli is like crack for me. It’s weird I know.

For a sweeter treat I made these two yummy bar/things  (I LOVE coconut oil so these may not be for everyone- every person I’ve had try them did not like them haha).


And that was all for this week! I made this all on Tuesday, and will probably finish it on the weekend. I’m already planning my next cooking session, so many recipes I want to try! I sometimes end up freezing portions for a later when if I get busy. Highly recommend.

I’m trying to make a few different things so I have lots of options and I can mix and match different meals. For example this morning I had an amazing breakfast of 2 eggs, avocado, 2 salmon balls, and sauteed kale and spinach. Mmmm!

The pork was ON POINT. I could eat all that day everyday. And I will, because I have an entire roast to eat haha.

Let me know if you want to keep seeing these meal prep posts and I’ll start adding photos too and making it pretty 😉

PS. If you don’t have a food processor- you should get one. It’s legit life changing. When I can chop up sweet potatoes /carrots/ onions and cabbage in like 3 seconds it really takes the time out of meal prep!

Get excited about your food and enjoy your meals!





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