Bloggin’ From Bali #4

Hey guys!

I’ve decided to start giving you guys excerpts of ideas from my book that I’m writing. Just a few ideas so far, but really just discussing everything I’m super passionate about food & exercise and how to reach your healthiest, happiest self! I’ll do a blog post on these each week to give you an idea and to keep me on track with writing. These are in no particular order, just ideas that I want to write about ūüôā

1.) Nutrition: Never go on a diet again.
2.) Exercise: Look forward to every single sweat session
3.) Intuitive Eating: Where do I start?
4.) The basics of a solid nutritional foundation for vitality & health
5.) Confidence: Be confident with you are always!
6.) Happiness and getting everything you want out of life
7.) Strength Training: What method works for you?
8.) Cardiovascular Training: No need for hours of cardio
9.) How to maneuver the grocery store
10.) How to meal plan, and meal prep!
11.) Listening and tuning into your body, and your thoughts
12.) Meditation and handling what life throws at you (stress reduction)
13.) Ending the binge eating & emotional eating cycle
14.) Love yourself fully
15.) Antioxidants and Superfoods
16.) Calories, Carbs, Proteins, Fat... End the confusion. How much do you need?
17.) Diets: Paleo, Low-Carb, Plant Based, Vegan, High Fat.. WHAT IS THE BEST?
18.) Supplements, Vitamins, Weight Loss Aids .. Whats the scoop?
19.) High Intensity Interval Training: Use it to your advantage
20.) How to get your goal body without diets and crazy exercise plans

And much more! Tell me what you want to read about! I’m anxious to create something that you will love to read through again and again.

SO lets start with #1..

You may have heard the statistic somewhere that 95% of all diets fail, and that these people¬†gain the weight back within 1-5 years. Why would you ever put your trust in something that has a 5% success rate? You may have also heard the quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”. ¬†This is dieting in a nutshell- we continue to try and restrict certain foods, try out “new weight loss promises” and continue to fail and blame our lack of willpower and control over our bodies. They are failing because you shouldn’t be trying to control you body and hunger in the first place!! Your body is a brilliant machine that knows exactly what it needs. You just need to learn to listen to it.¬†I think we need to start learning HOW to eat, instead of WHAT to eat. Of course, the nutrition you put in your body is extremely important, but learning how to eat and being mindful can change your body and your nutrition habits more than you’ll ever realize. Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel!

Here is the most comment dieting cycle laid out for you in a nice infographic:

It may be a bit hard to read so here are the steps in point form:
1.) Desire to lose weight
2.) Decide to diet
3.) Introduce dietary “rules”
4.) Initial weight loss, feel great!
5.) Bored with diet and feel deprived
6.) Weight loss slows, unhelpful thoughts start to creep in, feel discouraged 
7.) Break rules and progress stalls or reverses think “might as well give up now”
8.) weight gain to due insatiable cravings for forbidden foods and metabolism has slowed
9.) give up altogether 
10.) gain all the weight back + more because of wrecked metabolism.

Side-note: I know it seems like I’m discussing intuitive eating a lot recently while still selling nutrition plans. The only reason I’m still doing my nutrition plans is I aim to really cut through the cycle. First of all- there are no forbidden foods which reduces the need to overeat. Second of all I keep calories high and metabolism functioning at it’s best so you won’t see a rebound weight gain. ¬†I try to constantly be there for my clients to avoid the “give up” mentality and preach the healthy habits I’ve taught them for life- like meal prep and mindful eating regardless of if they are using my recipes or not.¬†It’s not a perfect system, but I aim to give people what they want (weight loss typically, and more confidence) the best way I know how without restricting foods, calories and going without hungry or over-exercising!

Ok so HOW the heck do you give up dieting while still seeing the results you want!? First- you have to actually give up dieting and this is waaaaayyy easier said than done. There is always going to be a new diet that someone is talking about, a new miracle way to lose weight, a new juice cleanse, and new trend. You’ll hear about it at the gym, when you are with your friends, you’ll see other people try it out and lose weight and want to get in on the action. It is still hard for me to ignore dieting especially in my industry. In fact while I was on my active escape I met these beautiful ladies who were all vegan. They had amazing 6 packs, tons of energy, ate a plant based diet and felt great. But their diet was incredibly restrictive. I had to remember that restriction like that doesn’t work for me, and the majority of people will not be able to stick to this and it’s just another form of “dieting”.¬†Instead I will strive to incorporate more plant based foods, lots of fruits and vegetables into my diet without cutting anything out. Always think about how you can add more to your diet- not cut things out.

It was helpful for me at first when I first ended the dieting cycle and starting intuitive eating to know deep down that alllll these people I’m seeing on diets and losing weight-95% of them are going to gain it back. I know that I would have another year or two of intuitive eating under my belt- and they would be right back where they started- probably plus more. And let me tell you that that exact thing has happened. Every person I’ve seen go on a diet or a stupid weight loss scheme in the past few years has gained it back. I’ve managed to actually lose 20lbs without cutting a single thing out and focussing on intutive eating and mindfulness. Where would you rather be? It can be hard to think long term when there is a quick fix staring right at you- but trust me when I tell you it’s not worth it! At first I said to myself “First I’ll lose all the weight on this diet and then I’ll start intuitive eating.” It doesn’t work like that! Now¬†I know it’s virtually impossible for me to gain the weight back because I’ve gotten here purely naturally and through listening to my body. Of course I still overeat and binge sometimes and I’m not perfect- but it takes time, practice, and commitment! I know that this journey is something I’m going to be focussing on for the rest of my life, not a few months or weeks or a year. You have to commit to never, ever get sucked into another diet again. EVER! Got it?

Next up- own those decisions. Start enjoying all those foods that you love, start cooking, start¬†embracing¬†food. It’s meant to be enjoyed! Food is nourishment. Then start tuning in. Hunger, Fullness, Satisfaction, and how you feel after you eat something- these are all very important. The moment you realize how processed crap makes you feel, is the moment it gets so much easier to make healthy choices because you¬†want¬†to, not because you have to! It’s a surefire way to become on of those people who loves all that “healthy” stuff- it’s because they recognize how their body feels while they are eating it, and afterwards as well. That doesn’t mean you’ll never eat another cupcake again because it feels great at the time- it just means you’ll find a better balance between those nutrient dense foods, and processed foods.

Start learning and reading about nutrition. Knowledge is power. There is a lot of conflicting diets and information out there so you do need to be careful, but finding reputable sources on nutrition (such as dieticians, & nutrition textbooks and qualified nutritionists) can really help you make better choices. Such as knowing how whole wheat whole grain bread is processed in the body as compared to white bread- you’ll never want to eat white bread again!

So, start with these little tips: commit to never dieting again, and start embracing and enjoying food. Start tuning into your body, your thoughts and how you feel when you eat something. Take notes, write in a journal, don’t place judgements on yourself when you do eat something that doesn’t make you feel great.

Also- it’s important not to weigh yourself or do this to lose weight. You are committing to never dieting again to find health and happiness and your sanity around food.. Not to exert more control and attempt to control your body and weight. See my last post on tips on how to feel confident and amazing while embracing this process, no weight loss needed!



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