Blogging from Bali!

I have so many amazing feelings regarding this trip and what it means for the future of Training by Tara, I’m already bursting with excitement sitting here on the plane. I’ve been reading this book called “The Fire Starter Sessions” which is all about finding your inner passion in life and what drives you, moves you towards success, lights you up from the inside, makes you glow- gives you excitement that takes you that next level. It got me thinking… when do I feel that excitement? When I truly feel the most alive? It’s when I’m training someone, teaching a class, or writing a blog post or making a video for social media, or meeting with a new client and learning about them. It’s when I’m talking about intuitive eating- not weight loss or what you “should and should not eat”. I actually cringe when clients tell me about their scale losses, or when they text me about eating something “bad” that day. I HATE that I’m somehow taking a part in saying that weight loss is important. I have no drive behind nutrition plans. I started them initially to help people learn to eat more- something that does give me happiness because I hate the thought of people dieting and starving themselves to reach a certain body size. I thought those plans could help women who struggled with the “1200 calorie ideal”. And they have! That’s amazing. I’m so happy that I can help people learn to eat the right amount and still see the results they are looking for.
The thing that I hate about it is the “results based success. That “weight loss” is always the expectation. Why can’t eating more of what you love and being healthy and staying the same weight be something amazing? Why can’t more energy and happiness and freedom around food and ultimate body confidence be the goal? How come we don’t value the strength and empowerment exercise gives us as much as the calories burned? Why must we always be striving for less inches taken up, less pounds on the scale, and just taking up less space in general? Why do you want to be smaller? I think we should starting aiming to be MORE. Louder, brighter, happier, in your face, excited, joyful and exuberant.

I want to be more. I want to be more than just someone helping people lose weight and inches. I want them to find their inner confidence and self love- without the weight loss. I want them to walk into a room tall and proud and full of joy that they are living their perfect life- not shrinking themselves down, praying not to be noticed and wondering how they look from other’s point of view. When I work with someone- I want the goal to be happiness and confidence. I understand that for some people this means losing weight- but it SHOULDN’T is my point. That is something completely ridiculous that society has led us to believe… that thinness = happiness. This is so far from the truth it’s absolutely hysterical. Do you know how many women I’ve met that have amazing beautiful bodies that they rip to shreds? I don’t think I’ve met anyone, ever that truly loves the skin they are in. Everyone has something they don’t like, and that they want to change. It saddens me so much- and I know that I have been right there with them.

You know when you meet someone with an absolutely beautiful spirit? That person that when you are around them you instantly feel calmer, more at ease, happier, and less self conscious. The way they carry themselves and their attitude in general makes them just appear so absolutely beautiful you can’t imagine them any other way. I have four women in my life like this. They are all completely different shapes, sizes, hair colours, skin colours, ages, and personalities. The two things they all have in common is they completely inspire me to be more of ME and when I am around them I can’t help but feel happy and at peace. I think they are the most perfect people on the planet- and the second thing they all have in common is that they all work with me to change something about their bodies. I hate that I even play a part in this, because I think they are so amazing just as they are. Can you imagine if we put as much work into following our passions, nurturing our souls and cultivating happiness that we put into losing weight? All those hours in the gym and time spent eating meals we don’t even enjoy to instead be spent living free, laughing, cosy-ing up with loved ones, and enjoying an absolutely mouthwatering piece of chocolate cake. What would your life be like if it could just be easy?

That question really has struck a cord with me and I realize that the procrastination I feel with nutrition plans has nothing to do with work ethic as I previously thought. I LOVE writing clients workout plans, training people, teaching classes, and would do that 24 hours a day if given the chance, so why do I keep berating my work ethic? It’s the lack of passion behind helping people lose weight that makes me lose my drive. I feel completely and utterly uninspired to try and tell someone to eat this and that to maintain a certain weight, and eat this amount of calories to reach their goal. I love writing blog posts, I love making videos that inspire people, I love that I’m sitting here typing this as furiously as I can on a plane and vibrating with excitement because it’s what I truly WANT to be doing right now.
With that in mind, I realize that I don’t want to write any more nutrition plans. I want to take a new direction with my work and one I felt that I was really meant to do. I want to help women feel amazing about themselves. I want them to reach a level of happiness and joy that they did not even know existed because it’s completely possible. I want them to feel stronger, happier, and enough. I want them to shoot for their dreams and realize that absolutely nothing is standing in their way. You hold all the cards of your life in your hands, you make all the choices, choose all the choices, and create the reality you are living in right now. So what do you want to change?

I want to write a book. I’ve always wanted to write a book and starting writing stories when I little- my grandparents owned a print shop and would “publish” and bind the books I wrote into the real thing. Holding something that I wrote in my hands is just so exciting to me. I love pens and paper and journals and reading.. I would derive so much joy from holding a heavy, beautiful, book by Tara Brunet in my own hands. I want this book to encompass everything I’m so passionate about from health, nutrition, intuitive eating, exercise, happiness, and following your joy. I don’t mean to sound like I’m an expert on these subjects and I have this perfect life- but I think some of the things I’ve gone through and learned so far could really benefit women with their confidence. I meet so many amazing people that berate themselves down and critique their bodies in a “mocking” sort of way that shows how they really feel about themselves. I don’t want women to feel that they aren’t enough anymore. I spent so much of life feeling “not enough”. Not pretty enough, smart enough, thin enough, funny enough and cool enough. What even is enough? Enough is realizing that who you are, right now, in this moment is perfection.
I guess what this really convoluted blog post is trying to say is that my business is taking a new and exciting direction. Of course I’ll finish my wait-list of nutrition plans, but I really want to dig deep into writing this book. I want to get it published so you can have a copy of it in your hands- a real BOOK that you can sink into and read over and over and make notes in the margins and whip out the highlighter through what inspires you. Also, I realize that health is important- but instead of me telling you what you should eat through carefully crafted macronutrient based meals- I want you to learn about nutrition through this book, and learn how to listen to your body, and learn how to feel truly amazing. I’m advocating freedom with food and feeling SO GOOD – and as a result you’ll reach your ideal body. My hope is that your version of the ideal body will certainly change. Instead ideal will be a feeling- not a size.

Ps. This blog post is dedicated to Amy, Cathy, Sandra & Vanessa who are so amazingly beautiful and I sure hope they see it as much as I do.


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