Are you in a RUT?

How do you feel when you wake up every morning? Are you excited about what lies ahead? Do you feel motivated, inspired and full of joy?

I can tell you that I used to feel that way when I woke up. I was so excited I was living my dream and all I wanted to do was jump out of bed and get started! That was a wonderful feeling. Some nights I was too excited to even fall asleep, and I would wake up early just to work or study or create ideas.

Lately I have not had that feeling, it’s been more along the lines of hitting snooze 17 times, feeling completed burdened and overwhelmed by work constantly, and not feeling that sense of joy I felt before. I found myself avoiding work more than tackling it, and letting the little things get to me. Have you ever felt yourself hit a slump in life where things just aren’t bring you the same amount of joy? Now I don’t want you to confuse what I’m discussing in this blog post with depression, which is a serious illness and you should seek medical help if you are going through it. This is more along the lines of being un-inspired, life is kind of dull, and you aren’t living out each day exactly how you want.

So I’ve been coming up with a bit of a master plan to get myself back to that stage. I think this will be super useful for a number of things, whether its regarding fitness, work, relationships, or general life. You DO have the power to live in a state of overall happiness! You are not stuck where you are; and you have the ability to change your circumstances.

So here are a few things that I’ve found really help me:

1.) What is your vision?

How are you even supposed to get to where you want to go if you aren’t clear about the outcome you are seeking? I got together with one of my best friends and we sat down and wrote out all our goals in life, work, relationships, etc. We really put a lot of thought (and wine) into it! Then we got fun with it and made big poster boards we could hang up and see everyday. I wrote about things I want to achieve, what my perfect day looks like, vacations I want to take, and it really helped me see what is most important to me and where to focus my energy. Once that was done, I felt a big relief and like my life had direction again.

2.) Get RID of the things that aren’t supporting your ideal life!
I had to make some tough decisions here. I had to cut back on some things that have been a huge part of my life in order to pursue my ultimate dream. This won’t always be easy, but once you take those steps towards getting rid of the things that are causing you anxiety and stress, you won’t believe the weight off your shoulders. You know what those things are. Let them go!

3.) Clean. Your. House.
Tidy house tidy mind? You can’t argue the clarity and peace you feel when you walk into a clean and organized room. So stop putting it off and get it done! The best book I ever read was one called “The Magic of Tidying Up” and it really taught me how to be clean and organized. When everything has a spot and is organized, your day will be smoother and easier, I promise! I still have a sink full of dishes though.. no one is perfect 😉

4.) When do you feel your happiest?
Do those things all the time. I’ve been putting off my “happy” things because I want to get more work done. But then I’m unfocused, unhappy, and unproductive. Putting time towards keeping yourself happy and relaxed will result in greater productivity and overall success. I’ve been getting more sleep, getting in more workouts, and just got out of a bubble bath with a glass of wine over doing another few hours of work. And now I’m feeling inspired enough to write a blog post! You have to recharge. You are not a robot. Cut yourself some slack and try putting your happiness first!

5.) Make a Plan!
This goes in line with making goals and creating your vision. You need a plan. I first figured out my workout plan. I know I’m at my best when I can dedicate 30-60 minutes most days to getting my sweat on. I also figured out my schedule. Most of you probably have set schedules, which can be both good and bad! Mine has been all over the place cause I’ve been saying yes to EVERYTHING and finding myself working early mornings, late nights, weekends, holidays, and still can’t keep up. I’m grateful that I have work to get done, but this isn’t realistic and I figured this out when I started to feel completely burnt out and exhausted mentally and physically. So I figured out when I can slot people in for personal training sessions, created more time in my schedule for nutrition plans, hired a (wonderful!!) assistant, and started to create my ideal day. I’m going to try to say no to more things (still working out that) and find my happy work groove!

6.) Spend time with loved ones and people that bring you up
I feel so grateful and lucky for the friends that I have. The minute I was feeling on the edge of overwhelm they were right there to help me figure out the right path. I am a true believer that when you start living your authentic life and chasing your dreams; the people that come into your life are exactly who you need. I am so so supported by the people in my life and I encourage you all to be open to meeting those people. The ones who you make you feel lighter and happier and more alive. You are not stuck with negative people in your life, there are amazing gems out there just waiting to meet you and support you!

So what are some changes you need to make in your life? Do you think you could make more improvements in certain areas? Do you have tips and tricks for finding your groove and happiness when in a rut? Please comment down below, I am so interested in hearing what you guys have to say!



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