What to do when you find yourself relapsing into bad habits

Ok so I always like to be honest with you guys because I want to be real… and I think the message that I send is that nobody is perfect and we all have struggles to overcome on the path to a healthy lifestyle. There are always roadblocks and obstacles, and the path to success is never a straight line.

So I’d like to talk about something that I’ve been struggling with lately and that is relapsing back into old habits. I think if you start to notice yourself slipping back into bad habits you need to make some adjustments, and think of it as a little warning signal. Most of you know about my struggles with bulimia and I am STILL not totally recovered, I wish I was. Lately I’ve been having a really tough time and I wanted to share it with you in case anyone else is struggling. I know a lot of my clients have good days and bad days and I want to spread the message that you do not need to follow a meal plan perfectly all the time or work out everyday to be healthier. Sometimes its simply eating one less bite of ice-cream, or one less slice of pizza.

These past 2 weeks I’ve found myself binging and purging a lot and spiralling back down that unhealthy pathway. I never, ever want to go back to where I was so I want to be open and honest and maybe this can help other people who are struggling with similar issues. It’s OKAY to ask for help! I find it a lot easier to write a blog post on here than I do to talk about this to people in real life, and I know it can be super difficult to bring up struggles when you feel vulnerable and weak. I think it started when I realized I had lost some weight- and that triggered those old thoughts back in my head. “Well you should lose more weight. You can handle counting calories now. Starting weighing out your food. Count your protein, carbs, and fats, trying cutting out a little more carbs, start weighing yourself again, don’t go out for meals, don’t eat that ice-cream”… etc. I really did think in my head that I had it all under “control” and it would be fine for me to start counting calories again. Well, all this did was completely send me back into binging and purging and restrictive thoughts and overexercising habits. I think I’m only realizing this now as I write it out. So if you are finding yourself getting back into bad habits- ask yourself why. What changed recently that could be causing this? Is there something you can do to counteract falling down?

I guess the point of this post is to say that everyone falls on and off track. Some weeks I feel like a million bucks and don’t think I’ll ever engage in binging and purging behaviours, and then a week later I can’t stop. I know this is a sign that I need to stop putting pressure on myself body image wise, love myself as I am, and reduce the stress in my life. Sometimes I struggle with finding balance and I deal with a lot of anxiety around work as well as my body image. I know that I need to ask for help from people around me and keep on working through those struggles.

My goal for myself for tomorrow is to listen to my body and feed it what it wants. I will eat without distractions and eat what I love. I also want to let myself sleep in and get a little extra rest. If you are struggling lately- what makes you feel back on track? Maybe you need to write in a journal, or call a friend and talk to them about it. Maybe you need a hot bubble bath or a good sweaty workout. What is a small positive step you can take tomorrow? Set TINY goals. Most of all BE NICE TO YOURSELF. Treat yourself like your daughter or your best friend. Don’t chastise yourself for failing. Give yourself and hug and tell yourself how beautiful you are and do everything you can to comfort yourself in a constructive way. My goal tomorrow is to eat intuitively and get back in tune with my body and my hunger and fullness signals.

If you are struggling and ever need help please never hesitate to ask me!


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