How to Stay Healthy on Vacation!

I’m sure we’ve all been there before- you are heading away on vacation and you eat super healthy and work out like a maniac to feel confident on the beach, Yay! But once you get there; the margarita’s and unlimited food happens, combined with lazing on the beach all day and you pack on all the weight back and lose all motivation within a week!

I’m heading to Cuba in 2 weeks and it inspired me to write this post.

You don’t need to lose all progress on vacation! It’s actually super easy to stay on track and feeling great until you get home.
Here are some easy tips:

1.) Avoid the sugary mixed drinks 
Here are the classic calories and sugar in those mixed drinks that you might be drinking all day long while sitting poolside:
Margarita: 400 calories a lotssss of sugar
Pina Colada: I do love these, but at more calories than a Big Mac- I’ll be avoiding these while in Cuba! Not worth it!
Mohito: Seems refreshing, but with the added sugar they pour into it, not so much! This drink is a good option if you ask for it without sweetener. (Then its a rum, club soda, and mint).
Mai-Tai’s: Tons of added sugar, 300 calories in a small glass. Yikes!
Amararetto Sour: That sugar delicious mix will cost you more than 400 calories.
Long Island Iced Tea: rum, gin, vodka, tequila, triple sec, sour mix, cola — these all add up to pack a pretty high caloric punch depending on the size of the drink 200-600 calories!
White Russian: More saturated fat that you should have in an entire day, and 500+ calories. And not even very much alcohol! Daquiri: Slushy drinks are loaded with sugar- stay away! Same as a margarita calorie wise!

So what CAN you drink while you are hanging out poolside? 
-The best bang for your buck calorie/carb/sugar/ alcohol content wise are the following:
-Vodka Soda’s with lemon/lime squeeze (not the sugary lime syrup) 80 calories
-Champagne 90 calories
-Light Beer 110 calories
-Wine 120 calories
Diet coke/hard alcohol- I don’t really condone diet pops either though, this one is on the fence.  80 calories
Gin and Tonic 150 calories

2.) Listen to hunger/fullness :
When you head to an all inclusive resort the food is abundant. I know this sounds like the most simple thing ever, but sometimes we lose touch with our hunger and fullness signals. Are you eating because everyone is eating? Are you eating because of the time of the day? Are you eating  because the food is everywhere? Are you even hungry?
The best thing all all-inclusive vacations is you can eat any time, all day, whenever you want, however much you want! This is the PERFECT way to get in touch with your hunger signals. First- wait until you are hungry. You don’t need to eat cause everyone else is eating, and you can always grab something when no one else is hungry. Pay attention and wait until you are sure you are hungry. Then head to the buffet and follow the tips below:

3.) Fill up on fruits and veggies 

There is always fresh fruit and veggies and salad bar options! I’m not saying to eat fruits ad veggies all day long and miss out on the good stuff. Draw some imaginary lines on your plate. Fill up half with fruits/vegetables and nutrient dense things. Fill 1/4 with some sort of protein (eggs/sausage`/chicken/beef/pork/whatever) and the other 1/4 with some carbs! If you can find some whole grain carbs, great. Maybe it gonna be french fries today. Enjoy what you are eating! You can enjoy everything in moderation and maintain your goal body I promise you.

Another great part about vacation is all the extra time!! There is usually a gym, if the gym isn’t for you that’s totally okay. Walking is the most underrated exercise. Go for walks on the beach, explore, walk around towns, walk around resort, walk up and down the stairs to your room, walk everywhere as much as you can. Bonus point if you wear a fitbit and see how many steps you are logging on vacation (I am going to be doing this for sure 😉

5.) Do a simple 15 minute body weight circuit in your hotel room when you get up!
You cannot tell me you don’t have 15 minutes to spare at some point during the day. Great news is you can get a killer 15 minute workout in before you hit the beach and it will probably even help you stay more active for the rest of the day and you’ll probably make better choices. So throw some shorts on and try out this 15 minute workout- no equipment need; sweat guaranteed.

Set a timer for 7 minutes on your iphone. Or try to get through this circuit 2x.

1.) Jump Squats x 15
2,.) Sumo Jump Squats x 15
3.) Push Ups x 15 (Knee or toes or throw in a spider push up for a challenge)
4.) 50x  Mountain Climbers
*Keep going through these 4 moves until the 7 minutes is up!

–1 minute rest —
*Set another 7 minute timer

1.) 30 x Jump Lunges
2.) 20 x Tuck Jumps
3.) 50 x Bicycles
4.) 16 Elbow Ups (Plank, to elbows, and back up again- 8 each arm)

Done! Repeat all for a 30 minute workout if you want an extra challenge 🙂
You can bet I’ll be making my friends do this with me on the beach  hehe
6.) Don’t neglect the water
Stay hydrated and healthy by drinking as much water as you can between cocktails! It will reduce hangovers, make you feel a whole lot better, protect you from dehydration and sunstroke, and keep you energy levels up, hunger signals in check, and skin clear 😉

7.) Enjoy every bite
-Eat what you LOVE! And enjoy it. Slow down, pay attention to the food. Another bonus of all inclusive resorts is that there is always treat and delicious stuff around. You don’t have to have that “I need to eat it now I’ll never see it again” mentality. It’s always there. So eat when you are hungry, enjoy your favourite foods along with your GREENS!

8.) Take advantage of beach activities
Swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding, volleyball, beach soccer, running along the beach baywatch style.. The opportunities for activity are endless! Oh and not to mention the water Aquafit pool side! Have fun and keep your body moving! Every movement counts.

9.) Get your Zzz’s
Another great thing about vacations. Naps & Sleep ins! Get your rest on the beach, in your comfy hotel beds, wherever you want. Feel no guilt. Sleep is the most essential thing for health and well being. If you aren’t getting enough sleep, your hormones and hunger signals will be out of whack which makes point #1 very hard to follow. You know when you are eating all the time but aren’t ever feeling FULL? It’s because you aren’t getting enough rest!

Most importantly enjoy every moment with the people you are with and come back healthy and ready to continue on with your goals…rejuvenated and motivated!!

xo Tara


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