Happiness Tips!

Everyone wants to be happier right? I feel like when most people describe their goals in life “To be happy” is always in there. But they aren’t doing anything about it now! I don’t think a lot of people realize how much power their have over their own happiness right NOW. You can live everyday at a state of joy and happiness and it just takes a little bit of initial work! I know because I’ve done it.

Obviously we all know by now I’ve struggled a lot with eating etc, and that obviously is not conducive to happiness. When I went through a break up AND a back injury I felt like my entire world was falling down around me. Most people that describe me at work and teaching classes probably thought I was very happy, but I was very good at faking it for the most part back then. Now I have never been happier. I didn’t even think it was possible to wake up and go to bed at this state of joy every day. I’ve never been so excited and passionate about everything in life, and so content at the same time. I think everyone deserves to feel like this so I thought I should share some of the things I did in order to get here!

1.) I started being grateful. This is HUGE. Every night in my journal I would write down the things I was grateful for or also “3 good things” that happened to me that day. At first it was hard to list 3 good things, or be grateful for anything, I thought my life sucked! Initially I was just grateful for a roof over my head, my job, and boring things like that. Now I can automatically list about 15 amazing things that happened to me that day and I have never felt so grateful in my life. I feel SO LUCKY and blessed all the time. It really does start to have a snowball effect. Once you start looking for the good in everyday for your nightly “3 good things” is just starts getting noticeable. And easier. Pretty soon you’ll be a ray of annoying sunshine, trust me!

2.) Meditate. I used to be very against anything like this and thought it was for hippies and weird people. I was judgemental. But guess what. Learning how to clear and relax my mind has made the utmost difference to my life. Imagine if you could relax that whirring brain? Take off to a beach for 15 minutes a day and relax in the sunshine? I meditate every single day and it has increased my happiness, overall wellness by a TON. Try guided mediations like the “calm” app to start out, and I also read some books on it which allowed me to do my own meditations. It can be as simple as just focussing on your breath (hence my tattoo “just breathe”) and finding a bit of inner peace in the midst of something distressing.

3.) Set goals. LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT. I wasn’t living the life I wanted. I was waitressing because I was scared to try to do personal training full time and thought I couldn’t. I wasn’t happy at all going into my waitressing job and it made me miserable that I wasn’t doing everything I could to chase my dreams. So I quit. No more safety net! I had to make this work. And it was the best decision I ever made. I’m successfully growing my own business and everyday just feels so amazing when I get to get up and go teach a bootcamp to a bunch of people I love, or a really fun spin class to big group of energetic people. When people tell me that I’ve helped them, and changed their lives I could almost cry from happiness! I’m doing what I’ve always wanted and I am doing it well. So don’t be scared. Don’t go to a job that that you hate everyday. Find something that you literally cannot believe you get paid for and would rather work than have a day off.

4.) Surround yourself with people that lift you up. I am so fortunate to have the group of friends that I do. (I don’t know if I tell them enough how much I love them). I have the most amazing parents and sister and friends in the whole world and I feel so grateful for them everyday! They love me and support me and I just don’t know how I used to not appreciate them. I’ll never make that mistake again! So find friends that support your true goals. If you feel like you are getting the energy sucked out of you when you are hanging out with them they are not the friends for you. The best way to find these people are to start doing what you love. As soon as I quit my waitressing job and starting training full time I found one of my closest friends who has made such a difference to my life. Do what you love, and you’ll find like-minded people.

5.) There are also little things like exercising (better than an anti-depressant!), fueling yourself with lots of nourishing foods while still enjoying all the yummy stuff, and getting enough sleep that really help with happiness as well. Once you start loving yourself you start treating yourself better and once again- its a snowball effect. I also believe that the more happiness you radiate and put out there into the universe the more it just gets attracted to you. I truly believe that all the opportunities that have come to me lately are due to my attitude and happiness shift.

So what are you waiting for! Get happy 🙂


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