Diving Back into a Fitness Routine!

Sorry I’ve been bad on the blogging front lately! Back to at least 1 post a week I promise!

So, I’ve been thinking about January coming up and all the inevitable New Years Resolutions that will be coming up. Lot’s of people try to get healthy and fit and start a new fitness routine in the New Year. Even if you aren’t one of “those” people perhaps you’ve started a new workout schedule lately or joined a new class for the first time.

A quote that’s been stuck in my head lately is “It never gets easier… You just get better”. I never really thought that was a motivational quote until today and I’ll tell you why. I was thinking about the new people in my bootcamp, and some of them never came back after the first day. I wish I had said on the first day that IT’S ALWAYS GOING TO BE HARD WHEN YOU FIRST START! Working out intensely is not all sunshine and roses. Sometimes you really hate your life while you are doing it. The key is not to compare yourself. I have been fit for most of life and I have always kind of wondered what everyone thought the big deal was! This isn’t that hard, “suck it up!” I never really understood how it feel to start a new fitness routine when you haven’t been working out.

As pretty much all of you know, I’ve been suffering from a bad back injury for the past year. I had to give up on my workout routine which was really terrible! I was doing Crossfit & absolutely loving it, running half marathons, teaching spin, TRX, bootcamp, the list goes on. I had to drop from working out 2-3 hours a day to…. barely being able to put my pants on in the morning! It sucked. I wasn’t happy. My fitness levels dropped and I put on some weight as well. BUT I’ve learned some invaluable lessons along this journey as I slowly start working out again. I joined a swim team this past week to be able to exercise without putting too much strain on my back. This foray back into the pool where I used to dominate being a competitive swimmer, lifeguard, and athlete was a rude awakening!
Today I literally thought my arms where going to fall off. I thought I might drown in the middle of the middle of the pool every time I accidentally sucked in water instead of air. I really wanted to give up halfway through. I was embarrassed that I couldn’t keep up with the fastest people. I thought about how I could just say my back hurts and get out of the practice and leave. But I knew I had to see it through. And when I finished the total practice and (hobbled) out of the pool, I’ve never been prouder. I know that I’m going to get better and faster and stronger as long as I keep going and pushing myself. And guess what- when I was in the change room afterwards, one of the ladies on my team that just swam (and placed) at Worlds said “That workout was killer, I thought my arms were going to fall off!” It never gets easier. YOU just accomplish more. I don’t know if thats reassuring to some people, but just remember that everyone else around you that looks fitter and stronger than you- are still busting their asses and hurting and pushing through hard workouts just like you are.

So when you hop back into the gym or join a new class in January and you feel totally discouraged and like you shouldn’t be there, and never want to come back… Just remember- you are GOING to improve. You are going to get stronger, more confident and be able to do more every time. Don’t give up on yourself! Push for those accomplishments and prove to yourself that you CAN do what you set your mind to. Believing in yourself is 90% of the battle.. the rest? Just do it!


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