I’m writing this post today as some of my clients recently have been putting too much emphasis on the numbers they’ve been seeing on the scale as opposed to the number of reps completed, or the weight they’ve been losing instead of the the weight they’ve been lifting, or the scale not moving when they are losing inches and looking amazing!

So, a little history with me and scale. It’s been a long and terrible relationship with plenty of ups and downs. The weight I saw on the scale each day would determine how my day was going to go. Either I would be filled with joy when I saw that number inch down, or with dread, disappointment and misery when it didn’t move (or god forbid, went UP). I was obsessed with seeing the numbers go down, and I am not going to lie- I still feel a little bit satisfied when the numbers go down and pretty upset if I see them creep up. But the more I take an outsiders perspective on it and look at my BEAUTIFUL clients being disappointed with the numbers not changing despite all their hard work I really feel so upset!

I want them to to take the number on the scale completely away. WHY are we chasing this ridiculous number that we decided that we would finally be happy at? Cause guess what..We won’t. I’ve reached “that number” and been the most miserable in my life. My clients have “reached” their number and instead of being SO PROUD, they think they need to lose MORE! It’s an awful vicious cycle and it never ends. What if you never hopped on the scale to begin with? What if your accomplishments were based on running faster, clothes falling off you, seeing muscles you never saw before, and checking yourself out in the mirror thinking damn-I look FANTASTIC. What if we measured our worth from how happy and healthy we feel?

I get that people need a goal and number to focus on and the scale is the easiest way to prove to yourself you are being “good” (i also hate that “good”/ “bad” thing but thats another blog post) and you want to set goals and reach them. But I think we should starting setting some new goals, because not only is the scale very fickle and only measures your complete mass with no regards to body composition- it’s never enough. I want to show some examples of changing body composition- imagine if these people gave up when they saw the number on the scale not moving or going up?





I really like this one because it shows you need to EAT MORE! (I know this is not everyone’s goal, but regardless, you are not going to get the body you want by starving it)



image (4)

So, I hope these photos show everyone to STOP paying attention to the scale. What’s important is how you FEEL when you look in the mirror! Nobody is going know that number on the scale except for you.

A lovely friend on mine posted a quote on Facebook the other day and I loved it:

“People are going to try to tell you that the number of the scale defines your worth. The number on the scale weighs your bones, your skin, your muscles, your organs…it is a general measure of health. It can not weigh your personality. It can not weigh the thoughts in your mind. It can not weigh your ability to make people laugh, or the way you help your dad with the dishes, or how cool your Halloween costume was. It can not weigh all of your limitless potential and the soul that makes you the magic that you are.” – Erin Tretre via RAW Beauty Talks

In summary- I understand if you need to step on the scale once in a while, but if you are working out, eating healthy, and taking progress pictures- there is NO NEED. You will know when you reach a healthy weight for you when you are living a healthy fulfilling life and enjoying balance and moderation. If you have body composition goals- get into the gym and lift some heavy weights and focus on pushing yourself each and every day! Here are some other ways you can measure your progress:
take pictures!
take measurements
body fat percentage
being able to lift heavier, go longer, work out harder
clothes getting looser
looking in the mirror and feeling amazing & proud

I propose a “No Weigh November” and I’m going to be the first example and literally throw my scale away even though I have these pesky 10-15lbs I’ve been trying to lose. I know how to eat healthy and work hard in the gym and my body is going to end up wherever it needs to when my back is healed. But for now- I’m going to focus on the most important thing which is being healthy and happy.

Who is with me?


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