How to prepare for a healthy week!

A common reason I hear a lot for not eating healthy or not getting workouts in is that people are too busy. And I totally understand! In fact, recently work has been going so well for me that even I have been slacking on the workouts and not eating my best- this results in feeling lethargic, tired, and pretty terrible lately. I’ve decided to get my butt back in gear and in order to do I am taking a few steps to get ready for this week; and you can too!

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1.) Get organized.
-Look at your upcoming week on your calendar, day planner, cell-phone whatever. Are there some things you can do to prepare that will make the week easier? For me, I try to plan a few bootcamps, classes & training sessions in advance so I’m not stressing about it in the evening before.
-Next: Schedule in workouts! Where can you find the time? Be very specific and treat this like an appointment you cannot break. Can you get up a little earlier one day before work? Or can you get one in after school? Schedule it in and be specific! I’ve put all my workouts into my breaks at work and I make sure I know exactly what I’m doing that day such as Monday: shoulders & Cardio, Wednesday: legs day.. etc. I already have the workouts in my binder ready to go and I just need to stick to my schedule!


2.) Plan out some meals & grocery shop.
This does not need to be complicated.
Pick ONE recipe.
Buy the groceries.
Cook it.
Split into the serving size and put into tupperware containers
Store in fridge.
4 meals- done and cooked for the whole week. You just saved yourself a whole lot of time!
I planned out my meals and bought all my groceries for this week, and I’m currently cooking some quinoa and chicken and this Chicken & Brie Casserole as I type this blog post.
I’ll also bake some protein cheesecake for some dessert this week too, because I need something a little sweet each night!


3.) Do something relaxing:
Read a book today, sit down with some tea. For a nice walk. Be with friends. Take some time just for you to reflect on what you would like to accomplish this upcoming week. This morning I had some oats & tea in bed and this is heaven for me because I normally am up at 5 and out the door every morning! Taking some time to just remember what makes me happy is so important.


4.) Go to bed early!
You’ve planned and scheduled and got some healthy meals ready, get to bed early and get a good nights sleep so you wake up on Monday morning feeling rested and ready to tackle it. Mondays won’t be so terrible when you wake up and everything is ready to go for you!

I hope this helps you have a more productive and healthy week!


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