Goals Goals Goals!

It’s the first of the month tomorrow which always gets me a little excited about setting goals. I love writing out goals and thinking about what I can achieve and doing my best to get out there and do it. I think setting goals in life are so important; and  monthly goals are a great way to really get some good habit started.

So what makes a good goal? Think about the SMART way to set goals in order to set yourself up for success:
Specific: What exactly do you want to achieve? No time to be vague here! Ex: I want to run 5 miles per week.
Measurable: How are going to know if you achieved this?  Ex: I’m going to use a running app to track my weekly miles run.
Attainable: Is this something that you believe you can do? Ex: I am already running 3-4 miles a week, so 5 miles is attainable for me.
Realistic: Maybe right now you haven’t run in the past 6 months. This isn’t a realistic goal. Or you are super busy are already struggling to get a few runs in. Know yourself. Don’t set a goal to get up at 6am everyday and go for a run when you are not a morning person. This is only going to result in disappointment.
Timely: Set a time frame. This helps you determine if you reached your success in that time-frame; although make sure it is still realistic. Lose 5lbs in 1 month. Check! Set a date you want to achieve these goals by.

So I want all my followers to sit down and right now 5 GOALS for the month of October and write them in the comments below if you feel like sharing. Here are my goals:

1.) I will complete the current course I’m working on online this month. I need to complete at least 2 chapters per week and will track it on my “Way of Life” App.
2.) I will try out 1 new recipe a week! I’ve been getting boring in the kitchen and want to learn some new healthy recipes. I’m going to pick a new one each time I go grocery shopping and try it out (and put it in this blog!)
3.) I will write at least 1 blog post per week. I really want to continue developing this blog and getting some good content for you guys that you enjoy reading!
4.) I want to heal my back so that I can run again! I’ve got an appointment with a surgeon and a physio in the next 2 weeks, and I’m going to do everything possible to get better- this isn’t really a measurable or timely goal but something I’m motivated to do fork over the $$ for physio and figure out this month!
5.) I am not going to step on the scale once. The scale continuously makes me crazy. I keep telling my clients to get off it and I need to take my own advice. I’ve never actually felt good or successful when I step on the scale like I do when I kill a workout in the gym; so why am I even bothering? I trust that with the reduction of binging with recovery I trust that my weight will settle wherever its best for me. I’m just going to focus on loving myself exactly how I am right now.
6.) Continue meditation, journalling, and stretching and foam rolling everyday: These things relax me and help me stay focussed and I’ve been doing them everyday for the past month I want to keep them up!
6.) I will add 3 more nutrition clients to my roster: My nutrition business has really been expanding and I hope to only continue this into the next month.

Those are my goals for this month.. What do you want to achieve?


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