What is Meal Prepping?

Maybe you’ve heard the term meal prep floating around and have been wondering if its something you could be doing.

In my opinion… YES! It makes healthy eating sooo much easier.

Basically meal prepping is exactly how it sounds.. Preparing your meals in bulk for the week. Maybe you are thinking this is time consuming… But when you cook in bulk it actually saves a TON of time and effort and you only need to cook once, which for me is the best part!

There are a few different ways you can prep your meals, and this is an example of what I typically do for a week (I should mention that I don’t generally get sick of foods and typically eat the same thing everyday, so you could be more exciting than me):
1.) Cook up 5-8 chicken breasts in the oven for 20 minutes
2.) While they are cooking make a big pot of quinoa or cook up a sweet potato or two
2.) Cut up and store a bunch of vegetables in a container in the fridge
3.) Make 2-3  smoothies and store them in the freezer
4.) Portion out some nuts/trail mix in little bags
5.) Pre-make a giant salad without the dressing.

This usually takes me less than an hour on a Sunday and then I ALWAYS have a healthy option to reach for during the week and never need to reach for fast food or unhealthy options!

Once I have everything ready- the night before bed I just mix up my overnight oats (see previous post for breakfast ideas), put together a salad with chicken and dressing on the side, grab a protein bar and some pre-portioned nuts and my smoothie; and I am totally prepared for the entire next day! When I get home from work I was usually exhausted and despise cooking-  so all I need to sautee some veggies (that are already chopped) and warm up some chicken and quinoa.  🙂

Give this a try next week and I can almost guarantee you will lose weight from being so prepared!

Another way to meal prep is make your favourite recipe and either double it (or if you live alone like me, usually one regular recipe makes 4 meals) and portion out the recipe into whatever the serving size is into containers, store in the fridge or the freezer. Ready made meals for lunch or dinner that all you need to do is heat up!

This is one of my favourite recipes- it’s extremely versatile, easy and heats up well! You can substitue veggies, leave out the cheese for a lower calorie version; and I also substitute greek yogurt for the sour cream 🙂


Let me know if this was effective or helpful for you!

On a final note: One of the services I offer is meal prep help. If you feel lost in the kitchen and the grocery story- I can plan meals for you, take you grocery shopping, help you cook and set you up f0r the week. I charge 50$ for this service! If you are interested you can reach me on my facebook page, Training by Tara Brunet.


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